Virginia Reckless Driving Laws

The term reckless driving is termed as the driving based upon the speed which means that you are driving with a speed over the speed limit given in that region, and in second case it is termed as the driving in which an accident occurs due to your recklessness. Reckless driving is a very serious crime considered in Virginia and needs to be dealt with utmost priority. Even the courts and judges take such matters very seriously and impose harsh penalties on the individual if found guilty. Reckless driving is a class one crime which is known to be among the most intense and severe ones, therefore its punishable by heavy fine and sentences in prison, mostly in an active prison.

The sections 46.2-862 is mostly based upon the over speeding of the driver and section 46.2-852 or 46.2-853 deals with the accidents caused by such careless driving.  Related to the rules and regulations related to reckless driving, is that if anyone is driving in such a manner that it can in any way possible endanger the lives of others or could damage the properties of others will be considered as a crime and immediate action will be taken against the guilty person. Then the law further says that the vehicle you drive should be in a good condition and the brakes should be perfectly fine as they could endanger the lives of passenger or other pedestrians and in worse case can cause a loss of life in an accident. Then trying to cross a vehicle where the roads have inclinations and have sharp turns may cause an accident and is also considered as an reckless act of driving. Then driving side by side with 2 vehicles at the same time is also crime and trying to do the same thing on a road designed for one vehicle is also a crime. Crossing at a rail road and intersection is also reckless and failing to turn without indication or suddenly slowing down is also a road crime. Driving with a speed of above 20 miles per hour over the speed limit defined is also a reckless attitude and is taken as a road crime.

If you find yourself in such violation of the rules defined above you should seek help and guidance from a lawyer as soon as possible and explain him the entire case so that he and analysis and decide the possible outcomes to reduce or deny the charges imposed on you. It is a good choice to be in contact with a lawyer when you are in Virginia because reckless driving has very tough penalties. If you are called to the court you should be there as its really vital for such a serious matter and in failing to do so is considered as other crime which causes the doubling of the penalties on the guilty person and moreover you are registered in the criminal list plus your future aspects are greatly affected and at each steps you face problems.