Sexual Violence and The Laws In Virginia

Sexual Battery and Aggravated Sexual Battery are the most happening types of Sexual Violence. In Virginia, there are very strict laws for aggravated sexual battery and sexual battery.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery is a very serious misdemeanor crime according to the code of Virginia. Sexually abusing someone intentionally can get you in trouble and you might be declared sex offender for the rest of your life. When does it mostly happen?

  • Touching someone’s intimate body parts with the intention
  • Using force while touching or threatening
  • Forces the other person to touch your body parts and any other person
  • Touching someone against their will
  • Forcing someone to touch someone else against their will

The Code of Virginia penalties and punishments can be found here.

  • Touching someone’s body parts, if they are covered with the clothes, is also a sexual battery
  • Touching someone’s clothes without their wills, such as a bra or underwear, it is also a sexual battery

The sexual battery statute is misdemeanor 1. A person committing misdemeanor one can go to jail for 12 months maximum, more than that would be considered a felony which has even more serious charges and penalties according to the Law. $2,500 fine can also be paid if the Court orders for it. The Court will only give you one penalty if you commit sexual battery, either it is a fine or a long-term jail for 1-year max.

Aggravated Sexual Battery

According to Virginia Code 18.2-67.3; there are four situations in which aggravated sexual battery can happen. Instead of a misdemeanor, aggravated sexual battery falls under felony crime and becomes a serious issue. If the following allegations happen, that means the aggravated sexual battery has happened.

  • Sexual Abuse of under 13 person
  • Any physically or mentally disabled person getting sexual abuse
  • Sexual abuse of a teenager by the grandparent, parent or even step-grandparent
  • Sexual abuse using the force or threatening when the victim’s age is 13 or 14, the accused person using any weapon or threatening with the weapon, the accused person injuring the person while sexually abusing

It has serious results, and the code of Virginia doesn’t tolerate aggravated sexual battery, that’s why it is considered as a felony crime. It can put the convicted person in jail for a maximum of 20 years, or the person has to pay the fine of maximum $100,000.

Even if a person only attempts to do the sexual battery, the charges will remain the same. The person will be considered as a guilty one and will be charged with the sexual battery offender. The penalties are the same as the sexual battery case which is $2,500 fine maximum or the person has to spend time in jail for a maximum of 12 months.