How Reckless Driving is a Criminal Offense in VA

The rules and regulations of Virginia are divided into 4 main categories. The category 3 and 4 are the least serious and are only fined by a small amount of no more than 1000 dollars. The category 2 is taken as a little more serious which is punishable by a small amount of fine which is again no more than 1000 dollars and a short sentence in prison of about six months and in most cases the individual is sent to an inactive prison. In the most severe category is the class one crimes which also includes the crime of reckless driving. It is taken as a serious issues and comes with serve punishments and charges that is a bigger amount of fined is to be payed of about 2500 dollars plus the jail sentence is also increased from six months to 12 months and in this case it is more likely that you will be sent to an active prison. Moreover your license is also confiscated and you are not allowed to drive any vehicle for almost six month time period plus you receive around six demerits points in driving and lastly your name also gets registered in the criminal records and it is considered as a serious crime in the state of Virginia.

The authority can charge you with reckless driving in some of the cases such as if you are caught guilty, your license is taken away from you and your reckless behavior while driving has caused death of an individual. Another case could be that if you have been participating in race and an accident has caused the death of another person who is not taking the racing activity.

If the reckless charges have been imposed on you due to the death of your reckless driving then in that case the crime is treated as the felony 6 crime and is punishable from 12 months and can extend to 5 years and includes a fine to be paid of 2500 dollars. But if the person dies due an accident in drag racing then in that case the charges are more serve in which the sentence can increase to twenty years and now your license is not only taken away for six mots but for up to  three years.

Due to the intensity and the severest of the charges it is best preferred to contact an experienced lawyer who can get you out of your mess. It is important that you get rid of your matters because its outcome greatly affects your new employment, your living society image of others. Not only that your insurance premiums will also increase of about twenty two percent.

In such cases the lawyers can be of real help and you should contact them as soon as possible. Keep in mind that seek a lawyer who has good amount of experience in defending his client and is able to handle all critical situations. Otherwise if the lawyer is not experienced and good at analyzing the situation then the charges will haunt you for the rest of your life and will greatly affect your status in society.