Driving Without a License in Arlington Virginia

In Virginia, traffic violations and breaches of traffic rules are very common. While traffic violations are common, on the other hand getting traffic tickets may require you to pay heavy fines and can even permanently affect your driving record. Among various violations, driving without a license in Arlington Virginia is a serious violation of traffic regulations and has unique guidelines and standards. If you get a ticket for driving without a license in Arlington Virginia, you should know that laws and traffic regulations that are fundamental to follow in the region and varies from other states in the country.

In Virginia, you can get a charge if you are driving without a license in Arlington Virginia. This charge can be of many types, for example, charged due to not requesting or applying for the driving license, charged due to driving without passing all/some of the required driving tests, and charged due to never holding a driving license.

The laws of Virginia related to the traffic clearly state that anyone driving a vehicle must have a valid driving license. If you are driving without a license in Arlington Virginia, the state government can fine or even imprison you. In Virginia, you must pass all required exams, including written tests, driving tests and visual exams. For example, Section 46.2 to 300 of the Code of Virginia directly states that driving on any road or highway within the premises of Commonwealth is illegal. However, it can be permitted only if the driver of the vehicle has submitted a permit application, went through all the appropriate controls, and have a driving license.

In some of the scenarios, there are some exceptions in which the drivers do not necessarily require to have a driver’s license to drive the vehicle on the roads of the Virginia Commonwealth. These exceptions mainly include the driving of a military vehicle by a member in armed forces, driving of a vehicle that is categorized as the farm equipment, new Virginia residents who have not yet received a valid Virginia driving license, and residents of other states that pass through the Commonwealth.

Driving without a license in Arlington Virginia is a criminal offense in the state of Virginia and is generally classified as a misdemeanor of 1 or 2 level. Unlike other states, Virginia imposed a relatively harsh punishment on those who were arrested with unlicensed vehicles. In Virginia, undocumented driving is considered a felony. If this is the first time a person is charged with driving without a license, it is classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor conviction that can lead to a variety of unnecessary penalties, such as a suspension of license for 90 days or a fine of up to the US $1,000. Therefore, before issuing a penalty, in addition to your previous driving record, the court also consider the details of your case. However, poor driving performance or multiple crimes can adversely affect your case.

In the light of discussed facts, it is highly recommended you do not run your case alone related to driving without a license in Arlington Virginia. Since the assistance of professional lawyers with in-depth knowledge of rules and regulations of driving and road safety will increase your chances of obtaining positive results in the courts.